Music, Food, and Fun

As I think about this patriotic occasion, I can’t help but think about the fireworks, the cookouts, the sunburn from sitting at the pool or lake in your red, white, and blue striped shirt, and of course the patriotic music.  Music has a way of grabbing our emotions, our thoughts, and can even shape the way we think about politics, society, and humanity.  When I am happy, I love listening to upbeat music and when I am upset, there is nothing like a gut-wrenching sad-song. Are you someone who only listens to music because of the beat or do you get lost in the music?

Some studies have shown that music enhances higher brain function such as reading and literacy skills, spatial-temporal reasoning, mathematics, emotional intelligence, memory. Music improves concentration and attention. Here is a link to one of my favorite movie moments where someone discovers how to play an instrument. I hope you enjoy it on this holiday weekend.


Adam Glendye, MA