An Honest Look in 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot about honesty. Not just honesty in the therapy room, but honesty in the ongoing struggle of telling ourselves the truth. Given humanity’s seemingly innate desire to avoid pain, the challenge of operating in personal truth is a real battle.

A new year has begun and with it a host of New Year’s resolutions.

Perhaps the best resolution might be to not have any resolutions. Striving daily to be honest with self and then to activate the accompanying steps may bear more personal growth and achievement than a list of “to-do’s.”  This is where therapy comes in.

Therapy is an excellent tool to help identify a person’s truths and then to assist in keeping the client honest and focused on the personal growth they desire to achieve.

Some of the ways therapy can assist are:

  1. People often need a safe place to honestly unload their thoughts, emotions, and hopes. The therapy room is an excellent place for this to happen. 
  2. Helping one to recognize what mind tricks, avoidances, or unhealthy coping mechanisms that disrupts the clients’ goals.
  3. Establishing new patterns of relational success. This means relationships with others and even one’s self.
  4. Encouragement and accountability. Everyone can use an occasional personal cheerleader and coach.

Personal honesty not only paves a pathway to growth and wellbeing, it also is a key step in giving self the very important gifts of value and dignity. 

Written by: Sheri Schulze