5 Ways to Integrate Silence Into Your Daily Routine

Integrate Silence Into Your Daily Routine

The hustle and bustle of our everyday world does not allow for much silence. Whether we are engaged in a conversation, listening to the radio or watching television, or hearing the hum of background noise in a crowded place, it is rare for us to find time in our day to experience silence.

Though the opportunity to rest in silence is not readily presented to us on a daily basis, the benefits we gain from silence highlights the importance of making space for it.

Benefits of silence include…
  • Allows us to be more aware of the present moment and our surroundings
  • Encourages us to tune in to our thoughts and bodily sensations, including our breath and heart rate
  • Provides an opportunity for creative ideas to flow
  • Offers us time to reflect on our day and experiences
  • Grants us time to honor our selves and the space we are in

You may be thinking that this idea of inviting silence into your daily routine sounds lovely yet impractical given our busy lives and endless to-do lists…this thought is normal! Making time for silence can be rather simple though when you get down to it.

Find time for silence with these 5 tips…

We encourage you to explore these five ways to integrate silence into your routine and find one that works well for you.

  1. Set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than normal and spend that time in silence
  2. Use your lunch break or any other break in your day to walk outdoors
  3. Engage in deep breathing exercises prior to bedtime
  4. Drive in silence and observe your thoughts and surroundings
  5. Take a few minutes to meditate while doing an everyday activity like showering or waiting for your cup of coffee to brew

As you integrate silence into your daily routine, take a moment to notice its impact on your mind, body, and soul.

Want to continue exploring the benefits of silence? We invite you to connect with us at GROW and one of our therapists would be happy to work with you on integrating silence into your life.

For more information about the benefits of silence, check out this article on The Hidden Benefits of Silence by Susan Kane.

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