7 Different Types of ADD/ADHD and Why They Are Important

Currently, the standard method of assessing and diagnosing ADD or similar ADHD has been to match symptoms to criteria established in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM). While it can be useful to understand symptoms, that may not be the whole picture.

According to Dr. Amen, ADD is not a simple disorder. While many that meet criteria for ADD share similar core characteristics, there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. One of the ways that Dr. Amen assesses and treats ADD is by looking at blood flow in the brain using SPECT imaging. These scans discovered 7 different variations of ADD. As a result, those scans help generate more individualized and accurate treatment approaches. These are the 7 types of ADD that Dr. Amen identified.

  • Type 1: Classic ADD
  • Type 2: Inattentive ADD
  • Type 3: Overfocused ADD
  • Type 4: Temporal Lobe ADD
  • Type 5: Limbic ADD
  • Type 6: Ring of Fire ADD
  • Type 7: Anxious ADD

For more details about the 7 types of ADD and how SPECT imaging can improve understanding and individualize treatments, click here.

Do you know your ADD type(s)? Here is a short quiz to help you identify what type or types of ADD you might have.

Written by: Dustin Ellis