A Lesson in Breaking Through

The markings were evident: the imprint of a bird’s body, wings spread, in flight, trying to find a way through. 

It happens every year at that same window.  Once, I witnessed a bird hit the window very hard, only to go back and try again. And again. And again.

It hit the window so many times with such force, that it knocked itself out and lay there on the ground. As I watched, I wondered at its persistence in trying to break through a way that gave the appearance of one thing, but was not what it seemed.

Clients struggle with breaking through to another side. 

Wanting to get through seems the all important mission in life.  There are a variety of topics to choose from: thought patterns, relationships, body image. I count myself amongst those at the window, shaking off the questions when I think I can see the way through the glass, but come up against the hard surface. 

Often it is important to take some time to reflect on the circumstances that bring us to this place where the way is seemingly blocked.  The aforementioned feathered friend awakened only to fly off in an entirely different direction.  Sometimes in trying to find the way through, we find an entirely different path.

Written by: GROW Staff