Am I An Addict?

Am I an addict? Labels, diagnosis, and prognosis: we are obsessed with putting labels on people and putting them in neat little categories.

Society likes to know what the diagnosis is and what the prognosis will be.

Many times I hear, “I use and abuse drugs and alcohol, but I am definitely not addicted to them. Therefore, I do not need treatment.” I also hear, “I am managing my alcohol/drug use and have it under control. I do not need to give up drinking or using.”

Sometimes, the distinctions between abuse and addiction are blurred, and people are overly concerned about being labeled as an addict or an alcoholic.

Rather than putting someone in a category, I like to explore how alcohol and drugs have impacted their lives and if it has caused them significant issues.

Some questions to ask yourself about alcohol or drug use are:

  1. How many problems has it caused between you and significant others?
  2. Have you lost friends from alcohol use?
  3. Do people plead with you to stop using or drinking?
  4. Has it caused problems at your job?
  5. Has it caused you legal problems?
  6. Have you lost trust from others from it?

If you were able to answer in the affirmative to some of these questions, it may be a good time to take a step back and reassess what alcohol or drugs has done to your life.

You may think that you only abuse substances as a coping mechanism, but it may negatively impact your life in many ways. If you or someone you know is struggling with regaining control over your lives from substance use, please call and make an appointment.

Chelsey Beauchamp, MS
cbeauchamp @