What is your anger telling you?

If you have seen the movie Inside Out, you know that anger is one of our most basic emotions. It can be hard to understand and even confusing as to what to do when you feel angry.

According to Dr. Henry Cloud, anger is neither good nor bad but is a signal that something is wrong.  

Many people suppress their anger because it seems like the right thing to do. Often we are taught to be kind and keep it inside, however the consequence is anger that goes unspoken usually builds into resentment. Denying anger keeps us stuck.

On the other hand, lashing out can be destructive. Anger can feel protective, but it’s usually a sign of deeper emotions like sadness, hurt, and shame.

To better understand what your anger is telling you, check out the video below, where Dr. Cloud explains how boundaries might help you better understand, stay regulated, and respond.

Written by: Dustin Ellis