Stages of Grief

The death of Steve Jobs was a powerful reminder of the grieving process for me.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross first wrote about these stages in her best-selling book in 1969.  Looking at photographs of Steve Jobs, the younger version founding a business out of a garage, and the older version, his health … Read More

Side by side

In my neighborhood, I’ve noticed that there are couples who walk side by side and those who one person is in front of the other?  One couple in particular intrigues me.  They never seem to walk at the same pace.  Either the husband is out in front of the wife or it … Read More

Married or Single?

My sister came up with a game we used to play in restaurants when we were in those hormone filled pubescent years:  Married or Single?  It was a guessing game involving couples at nearby tables – far enough away to be able to view them, but not see wedding rings.  … Read More

Is Your Child Stressed? Part 1

(This is the first in a 4 part series…) Any parent can tell you that they get stressed by their children. Whether it is taking them to practice, recital, games, daycare, or school; every parent is familiar with their own stress.  However, have you ever taken the time to recognize … Read More

Hats for Sale

Most mothers I know play a multiple array of roles in their children’s lives and wear so many hats they may reach to the ceiling when stacked.  When school begins, mothers sometimes take on added stressors within the family.  Add a child with a learning disability and the role of … Read More

Life and Death

When the news of Steve Jobs’ death was broadcast around the world, I joined with others in mourning the loss.  I viewed mementos and memorials in his honor in worldwide locations and in his hometown of Cupertino, California.  Photos stirred memories of my first encounter with a Macintosh computer in … Read More

A boost for your mood

Many of us will be turning back the clock.  (I am referring to daylight savings time, not a new wrinkle cream.)  With more hours of darkness and the onset of cold weather, many people experience a general feeling of sadness around this time of year.  (The holiday season is peak.) … Read More

Dating Ideas!

 How many of you are scrambling to find a fun date idea? No matter your relationship status—single, newly dating, long term relationship, or married—it’s always difficult to find a new, fun place for a date. –       Falcons game: with our hometown team heading to the season, this … Read More

Difficult People

Who are difficult people? They’re the ones who pour milk in your tea, just after you put in lemon. They’re those individuals who fail to say “good day” after you’ve said it to them five times. They’re people who leave the mess for you to clean up, even though you … Read More

Date Challenge!!

I LOVE the idea of randomly introducing “date challenges”. The date challenge for this month: leave technology out of it! There is nothing less romantic than a Words with Friends game or a Twitter update while you’re wining and dining with your loved one. I challenge you to put your … Read More