Video Game Addiction

Are you concerned about the amount of time your child/teen/spouse is spending in front of the computer or Play Station or X-Box 360?  How much time is too much time playing games? What are some symptoms of game addiction?   Your loved one spends most non-school/work hours on the computer … Read More

February was “Love Your Body Month”!!

Consider these 10 “Will-Powers” for Improving Body Image. Taking care of your body and doing things you enjoy will enable you to enjoy a happy, participatory life.   1. Twice a day, everyday, I will ask myself: “Am I benefiting from focusing on what I believe are the flaws in … Read More

Social Networking

Social networking sites and blogs can make an impact on your current or potential job. The best advice one can heed is, err on the side of caution. If you would not want your mother to read or see what is on your Facebook account, then it would probably be … Read More

The Perfect Resume

Whenever a friend, client, or family member asks me to look at their resume, the phrase, “I want it to be perfect” always appears in their plea for help.  The is just a little problem; there is no PERFECT resume. This troubling fact is what keeps at least 3 “evolving” … Read More

The Art of Procrastination

Have you ever said to yourself “I’ll get to that later?” Does that make you a procrastinator? Not necessarily. We all find ourselves putting things off from time to time, however, when it becomes habitual, then yes, the shoe will fit. So, you may ask “how do I quit procrastinating?” … Read More

Communication in Relationship

What is communication in relationship? It’s the ability to discuss freely, without the fear of retribution or intimidation, one’s thoughts and feelings. By allowing each party to openly share and be vulnerable, dialogue can progress to a more intimate level. As this occurs, trust and safety are achieved which provide … Read More

Stop Body Judgement

Are you negatively judging your body? Try doing less of the following: Standing in front of the mirror Pinching fat Weighing yourself daily Comparing your body to others such as friends, relatives, siblings Comparing your body to models/actresses in magazines or on T.V. Negative talk/criticism about your body Judging the … Read More

Time Management

At the end of a day have you ever wondered what you accomplished, or didn’t? Time has a way of slipping past doesn’t it? It happens to everyone at one time or another. Even the best planners can miss a beat occasionally. It’s how you plan and think ahead and … Read More