Affairs to Remember

No, not the once in a lifetime happenstance that sends a couple into eternal bliss. I’m referring to those daily situations that have such significance and impact on our lives and the lives of others that they become milestones to remember and cherish. So how and when do these amazing … Read More


Thankful While Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday, the state of thankfulness might not resonate in your heart and actions because of the current difficulties and hardships you are experiencing.  However, thankfulness and gratitude are not a denial of past pain, but an acknowledgment of the good things in our lives. It … Read More

Skin and Technology

For a long time I’ve been noticing that our younger generations don’t know how to have relationships with “skin on them.” That is, they are most used to having conversations and relationships with people in 140 characters (Twitter), soundbites (Facebook), or virtually (video games and cyber chats). None of these … Read More

Making a list…

If you were going to the grocery store, you would probably make a list with all the items you needed. Right? It would be far less efficient and it would leave you disappointed with the wasted time, energy, and money because you probably bought more than what you actually needed. … Read More

Finding a Healthy Relationship

Louis Vuitton? Gucci? Dolce and Gabbana? We all have baggage that we bring into a relationship…the only difference is that some people have designer bags! While we are joking about that last part (sort of) we do have a tendency to engage in unhealthy relationships, even when we want to … Read More

Monday Give Away #2

And the Monday give away is…. Why we love this book: Do you ever find yourself wanting to talk more than listen? Or wanting to pay attention but making list of items you need at the grocery store? Or what about those times that we start a conversation with someone … Read More

Is he interested?

Working primarily with females, I often have single females ask the million dollar question, “How do I know if he is into me?”  To this, I offer several quick “rules of thumb” in efforts to help best answer this question. First rule of thumb: A guy will rarely go out … Read More

Monday Give Away….

We are starting a new series here on the GROW blog called “Monday Give Away!” We are excited about giving away some of our favorite things to you our blog readers!! Get ready people. This week, the winner will receive… Why we love this book: Scott was at an event … Read More


Whether it is your friend, family member or you, we all know someone who has entered into a new relationship only days or weeks after a long term, intense relationship. While having someone new might be exciting and cause the sadness of the past break up to feel like it … Read More


“I feel like I have a sign that says GO AWAY on my forehead” says a friend of mine who couldn’t figure out why guys were not coming up to her at a bar over the weekend.  While she didn’t have a sign, she might be communicating some things to … Read More