Date Challenge!!

I LOVE the idea of randomly introducing “date challenges”. The date challenge for this month: leave technology out of it! There is nothing less romantic than a Words with Friends game or a Twitter update while you’re wining and dining with your loved one. I challenge you to put your … Read More

Leaving the Scene

We know how important it is to never leave the scene of an accident. We are to stay and assist if possible, but certainly to give the required information to those involved. So it is with disagreements or arguments we may have with our spouse or life partner. It’s not … Read More

Fighting Fair

Healthy relationships (friendships or marriages) encounter conflict at one time or another.  Learning to deal with conflict in a healthy way is paramount to keeping the relationship strong.  Sometimes one person makes the prize of victory the ultimate goal when difficulties arise.  Winning at the expense of the relationship is … Read More

Love life or real life?

One can only hope so. As couples face the busyness of life, with its challenges and struggles, so often they fail to make time for intimacy with each other. I hear, well, our schedules just don’t provide the opportunity for it as much as they used to. Or, I’m not … Read More

Shift Your Thinking for Successful Dating, Part 2

 I’m going to wrap up the rethinking for successful dating series with the final 3 tips. See dating as an opportunity to love and serve others See dating as an opportunity to grow in skills Promise yourself that you will make no serious commitment for a certain length of time … Read More

Do you have drama?

Warning: What you are about to read in this blog is controversial and should not be read by the easily offended. Now that I have added a bit of drama to grab your attention here are some take aways about reducing the drama in your life. The quest to reducing … Read More

Who is that Masked Man?

We live in an age of superheroes.  Comics, cartoons and movies portray those whose goal is to thwart evil, protect the masses and bring about goodness and justice and truth.  Not an easy task given the shrewd maneuvers of the villains.  Sometimes a superhero’s archenemy has such adept tactics in … Read More

31 days from an affair?

It’s been said that every marital relationship is only 31 days from some sort of an affair. With all of the outside influences that attempt to attack marriages, this stat is possibly very true. Whether it’s an old fling that contacts a party after 25 years or someone new in … Read More

Shift Your Thinking for Successful Dating, Part 1

 Dr. Henry Cloud, author of How to Get a Date Worth Keeping, outlines the idea of changing the way you view dating. He suggests that dating is as much about learning your needs and wants as it is about finding the “right person”. This is part one of a series, … Read More

Defeating Dementors

It is that time of year when frightening creatures appear in unexpected places.   In my opinion, dementors top the list of the very scariest.  As any Harry Potter fan can tell you, when dementors come close, one’s very heart becomes cold and one is dragged downward into a thick, white … Read More