Communication in Relationship

What is communication in relationship? It’s the ability to discuss freely, without the fear of retribution or intimidation, one’s thoughts and feelings. By allowing each party to openly share and be vulnerable, dialogue can progress to a more intimate level. As this occurs, trust and safety are achieved which provide … Read More

Stop Body Judgement

Are you negatively judging your body? Try doing less of the following: Standing in front of the mirror Pinching fat Weighing yourself daily Comparing your body to others such as friends, relatives, siblings Comparing your body to models/actresses in magazines or on T.V. Negative talk/criticism about your body Judging the … Read More

What You Do With Your Time

Time has a way of slipping past doesn’t it? It happens to everyone at one time or another. Even the best planners can miss a beat occasionally.

It’s how you plan, think ahead, and do your best to stay attuned to what you do with your time that matters.

Preparing for Social Eating Gatherings

The holidays may be over, but social gathering still exist outside of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years parties. Here are some helpful tips in preparing yourself for food-centered gatherings: Don’t arrive hungry—snack before, even if it’s a piece of fruit. It’s ok to save up a little fat or protein … Read More

How Does the Media Affect Body Image?

Today, we are bombarded with magazines and television shows that portray a false idea of beauty—thin, toned, tall, tan. It seems like women go to great lengths to achieve this “ideal” beauty. It is so tempting to peek at magazine covers while waiting in line at the grocery store.  After … Read More

New Years Resolutions?

It’s 2011. Have you make a resolution? Are you jumping on the band wagon of things to change—lose weight, stop smoking, eat “healthier”? All of these are great ideas, not to knock that. One common theme I see in all of these is the need to change YOU. Isn’t the … Read More

Foundations for Friendship

Who is a true friend? What does it take to maintain friendships? Whom do you want as your friends? These are, or should be, some of the questions we ask ourselves to really know who our friends are. We often experience life with many people around us. We choose certain … Read More


It’s been said “Failure is not the worst thing in the world. The very worst is not to try.” What have you tried lately that has added dimension to your life? How often have you seen concepts or ideas put into place by others that you had and thought about … Read More