Winter Blues

The holidays are over, the weather is chillier, and the days are short.   While Seasonal Affective Disorder is a more severe depression that some people deal with during the winter months, many others notice that during this time of year they are simply less energetic, less motivated, and overall … Read More

End of a Decade—Bringing on 2020!

Earlier this month, I attended a workshop where the leader reminded us that we will soon be closing out a decade and entering a whole new time period. He asked us to share some of the biggest things that stood out from the last 10 years, and then encouraged us … Read More

Living Intentionally During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is typically one of the busiest times of the year for families. It’s easy to feel lost through it all, like you’re walking in a haze and caught up in the rush. At the end of the year you may think, “Where did all of my time … Read More

How To Be a Man: Messages on Masculinity, Part 5

In this fifth part on the topic of masculinity, we will examine the influence of media on society’s views of masculinity. There are many examples of masculinity in the media; video games, music, movies, and TV equate a man with being dominant and aggressive. These archetypes project masculinity often through … Read More

Values: What Direction Do You Want to Be Headed?

“Back to back meetings from 8-10, deadline for work on Friday, did I sign the field trip permission slip—wait—I think I’m chaperoning that field trip, dinner with the neighbors on Wednesday, hundreds of unanswered emails, pick up kids from soccer at 6, when was the last time I got my … Read More

Coping with Family Stress During the Holidays

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but it is not uncommon to have some stress about spending time with family members that get under our skin. While we cannot control those around us, we can control how we react to others. Here are some things to consider … Read More

The Power of Appreciation

“How many of us have had things taken away in life, only to appreciate it when it was gone,” is the opening line that Mike Robbins gave in his Ted Talk: The power of appreciation. In this TED Talk, Mike Robbins, a former professional baseball player, discusses the power of … Read More

Making Choices in Seasons of Change

Change can be exhilarating, fun, nerve-wrecking, and often times, just plain scary. A scary thing about change, is that it asks us to step into the unknown. Even if we know where we’re moving, or who we’re going to be in a relationship with, or have some of the blanks … Read More

Choosing Gratitude

Many of us make multiple surface level apologies everyday, often without even noticing. We say sorry for being late, for talking too much, for needing a moment of someone’s time, for asking a question. While there is significant value in an intentional apology when we have wronged someone, these passing … Read More