Busy being busy

So here’s the thing, I was asked to blog about the topic of “busyness” about 3 months ago. I had really good intentions to blog about being busy. I intended to, really I did. After weeks of rolling the task from one days to-do list to the next, I emailed to let the appropriate people know that I hadn’t forgotten about it and that it was still on “the list.”

Ultimately it turned out I was too busy being busy to blog about being busy. You follow?

A few months ago I went on a 10-day adventure to Prague and Germany. No, I didn’t get the busy blogs done before I left, they ended up on the “after Germany” list. The Germany adventure is a whole other blog series. However I realized that my business came to a screeching halt the minute I got on the plane. All the things that usually fill my time – emails, tasks, chores, events, all faded away at 30,000 feet.

In all our lives, boundaries for self-care are the hardest ones to set.

Most of us find it difficult to say no when people ask us to help. The thing is, there will always be things that people need us to help with, or events that people want us to go to, or a drawer that needs to be cleaned out, or a blog that needs to be written. However, if we are always putting others at the top of our list, then we end up stressed out, worn out, or burned out.

Maybe this year our resolution should be to do less, rest more, and prioritize boundaries.

To take a time out every day, every week, and every month to take care of ourselves. Hopefully, after we get good a setting and maintaining boundaries, it won’t require purchasing an international plan ticket. Until then, bon voyage!

Written by: Dr. Wendy Dickinson