What is Burnout? Part 1

“Burnout has been described as the biggest occupational hazard of the twenty-first century,” writes Paula Davis-Laack. Merriam-Webster defines burnout as “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.” Burnout could be related specifically to work, or the combination of work and … Read More

Anatomy of Trust

Often, we hear about the ideas of building trust and restoring trust. Have you ever thought to yourself, “That sounds easy enough, but how does trust work?” One of the most common videos that I share with clients as we discuss trust in different types of relationships is Brené Brown’s … Read More


As a counselor who works with many young adults who date, an article title recently caught my eye while glancing at a psychology magazine: “Why You Were Ghosted”. The tag line read, “A romantic partner suddenly disappears, and you’re left wondering what you did wrong. Chances are it has little … Read More

How Does Shame Grow?

Shame (n): The intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging. I cannot begin to tell you the number of times this pesky little word comes up in daily conversation. It’s inevitable; the experience of shame is apparent almost everywhere. Shame … Read More

Identifying Coping Activities

In our busy culture, I find that it is often hard to identify what we enjoy doing for fun, or self-care. I ask clients regularly what they enjoy doing for fun or self-care. You would think that I asked them how to save the planet! I get blank stares, shrugged … Read More

Dating in Swipe Right Culture

Coffee Meets Bagel Tinder Match Hinge Eharmony Christian Mingle Zoosk Elite Dating Bumble …the list continues. How can we not feel overloaded with the amount of online dating platforms? In the past, when trying out online dating apps, I was left with a mixture of emotions…shame (after being asked countless … Read More

Quit Playing Games with my Heart

“Even in my heart I see You’re not bein’ true to me Deep within my soul I feel Nothing’s like it used to be Sometimes I wish I could turn back time Impossible as it may seem But I wish I could so bad, baby Quit playin’ games with my … Read More

Grief Part 3 -Helpful Ways to Support

Welcome to the final post in our grief series. It’s time to offer practical “rights” and tips for supporting yourself or another person in grief. Part of grieving is coming to the recognition that there is freedom to do so. In the “Mourner’s Bill of Rights, you have the right to experience … Read More

How Are You Still Single?

Southern culture has created many expectations for dating and marriage. If you grew up in the south, you have probably heard the phrase “I went to college to get my Mrs. degree.” So often, many of us assume that we will meet the man or woman of our dreams in … Read More

Grief Part 2 – Stages of Grief

If you’re keeping up with our series on grief, today’s post may feel a bit contradictory. Although there is no set timetable or experience of grief for every person, two models exist that help explain what grief might look like. The stages of grief are not meant to be prescriptive, … Read More