When Summer Vacation Doesn’t Feel Like Vacation

(The Importance of Maintaining Routine During the Summer, Part 2) I recently wrote a blog about the importance of maintaining routine during the summer months. Routines are important for all children as they create a sense of safety and security, allowing children to thrive.  However, routines can be essential for … Read More

Importance of Maintaining Routine During the Summer: Part 1

School has ended, and for some parents, this is an exciting time – no more morning alarms and carpools!  These parents are eager to have more time with their children and create a summer that is filled with adventures! And for others, the loss of the school schedule creates a … Read More

Mom Guilt: Confessions of a Therapist – Part 1

Mom guilt. We’ve all heard that expression. And if you’re a mother, you know all too deeply how that feels! Motherhood is a wonderfully, beautiful, challenging thing. But as a culture, we have stripped motherhood of both its joy and human-ness, filling it with guilt and shame. Over these next … Read More

How to Emotionally Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching (if you’ve not yet already reached it!) and summer is right around the corner. You’ve done your research and have found what you believe to be the best possible camp for your child.  You’ve completed all the registration forms, filled out … Read More