Gut Check- Stress and Digestion

Have you ever experienced a stomachache because you had an important presentation? Or perhaps you had to take a difficult exam, or had to tell someone bad news? Stress can effect more than just our mood, and in those moments, we experience the stress in our bodies. Although we don’t … Read More

I’m Not Defensive, You Are

Okay, so we’ve all experienced this with someone we know. Your friend/co-worker/family/spouse makes a comment about something you did. Perhaps their well-meaning directive is meant to be helpful and corrective. But, their suggestion creates a rise in your temperature. In fact, you feel hot, your face feels red, and your … Read More

Michael Phelps and How Therapy Can Make a Difference

We often believe, “If I had their life (a person more successful, with a bigger paycheck, etc…) I would be so happy!” Can you imagine a “better life” than being the most decorated Olympic athlete in history? That is the life Michael Phelps was living, but after two Olympics and … Read More

Is it Anxiety or Just Stress?

We all feel stress. It is part of our human condition. However, at times, our stress may develop into anxiety, which takes us into a new realm beyond stress, worry and nervousness. Anxiety may feel like some or all of the below: You feel irritated frequently and easily. You are … Read More

Can We Just Wrap Our Kids in Bubble Wrap and Protect Them?

As a mom, there have certainly been times I wish I could wrap my kids up in bubble wrap to keep them protected from everything from scrapes, broken bones, physical, emotional injury or even a car crash when they began driving. So what’s wrong with that? Well, nothing about the … Read More

The Critic Within Us

We all have an inner voice. You know the voice- the one who tells you the person across the table, looking at you, seems happy. The inner voice who tells you that you’re not good at something, perhaps even tells you that you need to lose weight, or quit something. … Read More

Kids Leaving for College Can Feel Like Grief

I was always the Mom who couldn’t wait for summer and more time with my kids.  I loved long days of kids running through sprinklers, endless crafts, and baseball games.  Melancholy would set in around the purchase of school supplies, realizing our unlimited time budget was about to be drastically … Read More

Reasons for the Rise in Adolescent Anxiety

Psychology Today published an article entitled, “10 Reasons Why Today’s Teenagers Are So Anxious.” We’ve seen the rise in not only anxiety, but also depression, self-harm, and suicide in teens and college-aged students. While many studies have been conducted to look for causes, this article pins down ten crucial areas. … Read More