How to Navigate a Toxic Relationship

Relationships are complex, made more so because there are people in our lives we simply can’t avoid.  Some relationships are toxic. If you notice you dread being around them, are emotionally exhausted after an encounter, sense you’re being controlled, or feel like you’re always “walking on eggshells,” this is probably … Read More

Brené Brown- Boundaries Are Ok!

As someone in the service profession, I find myself thinking about and talking about boundaries in relationships often.  Clients ask, “why are boundaries needed?” and “what would happen to my loved one if I stopped doing all the things I always have done?”  I have learned that, for myself, when … Read More

Recognizing When You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Poison comes with a warning label and an identifiable picture of skull and crossbones. Wouldn’t it be helpful if certain toxic people in our lives came with the same? Actually, the person himself is not toxic, but rather the behavior in your relationship is. The challenge is, this behavior is … Read More

Grieving During the Holidays

How do we cope with missing people and holiday traditions from seasons past that are no longer in our lives?  Experts on grief typically stress that everyone grieves in his/her own way, and it’s okay to accept and respect whatever feelings you may have.  Below are some suggestions to assist … Read More

Are Trauma Triggers Hijacking your Brain?


Have you ever been accused of overreacting? The cause may be your reaction to a trauma trigger. Triggers are memories, behaviors, thoughts, and situations that escalate emotional reaction. When you are in this highly emotional state, you lose the ability to make rational decisions. For some, it can result in … Read More

Failure and How to Recover


Consider how you treat yourself after you experience failure. Do you engage in self-criticism, shaming thoughts, or take inventory of your shortcomings or bad luck? Now ask yourself how you would treat a good friend who experienced a similar failure. I’ve noticed, we will say things to ourselves that we … Read More

Healthy Eaters = Diet Success


Why is it that diets fail? Often, it is our thoughts that sabotage us in succeeding with eating healthy. The thought that you can’t have the french fries, pizza, or ice cream you have enjoyed for years incites a sense of rebellion. For most of us, this causes us to … Read More

Redefining Failure: A Conversation with Sara Blakely


Is fail a four-letter word in your vocabulary? Do you define yourself by your failures?  Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx, offers a redefinition of failure. She states, “Failure for me became not trying, versus the outcome.” Our perception of an event and what we think the event means … Read More

Eating Mindlessly and the Strategies to Resist


We’ve all done it – eating the entire gallon, box, or bag of junk/snacks in one sitting without realizing what we were doing. This lack of awareness or mindless eating contributes to many people’s struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and balanced life. Turns out, there is a mind-body connection … Read More

EMDR Therapy and Trauma


Treating trauma can be difficult. There is emotional distress that needs to be addressed, as well as the effects of trauma on the body and nervous system. One of the evidenced-based interventions effective for transforming trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). When we experience a traumatic event, we … Read More