Miscarriage Matters – Part 3

We need to talk about our experience. We need to talk to validate our experience. We need to talk to help end the stigma so that other women feel less alone during a difficult time.

Miscarriage Matters – Part 2

Grieving the loss of miscarriage can feel complex because the grief is for something that in some ways never fully was.

Miscarriage Matters – Part 1

A pregnancy loss due to spontaneous miscarriage is incredibly common. Yet despite being so common, miscarriage is often not talked about.

Finding the Right Therapist

We’ve put together a list of questions that may be helpful for you to ask as you are considering who to choose as a therapist!

After-School Meltdowns

An after-school meltdown may be your child releasing their pent up mental, physical and emotional energy after a full day of needing to exercise a lot of self-control.

What Can Parents Learn from the “Momo Challenge” Hoax?

This past week, social media was flooded with warnings to parents and caregivers about the “Momo Challenge.” This challenge has been described as a “suicide game” and reportedly utilizes shocking imagery and hidden messaging to encourage kids to harm themselves. Local schools sent notifications home to parents to address the … Read More

Mom Guilt: Confessions of a Therapist- Part One

As moms, we have all asked ourselves this question – am I doing this right? After all, we have been charged with raising a human being, so it makes sense to want to get it right! Mothers are faced with countless decisions. Even before having your first child, there is … Read More

Mom Guilt: Confessions of a Therapist- Part Two

How do I know if I’m doing this right? I recently posted a blog about our desire as moms to get things right as we make decisions about how to parent and raise our children.  In that article, I stated that often there is not a “right” answer but there … Read More