Finding the Right Therapist

We’ve put together a list of questions that may be helpful for you to ask as you are considering who to choose as a therapist!

Anxiety and Rigidity

Excessive structure and rigid boundaries can prolong anxiety and make the symptoms stronger. How can we be curious about our response?

Covid-19 Resources

Times feel uncertain. During uncertainty, our actions need to be intentional. Thriving in this season is possible by implementing a few daily, simple self-care strategies. Our team at GROW Counseling has developed some resources designed to help you thrive during this difficult time. These tools will help you stay grounded … Read More

The Power of Appreciation

“How many of us have had things taken away in life, only to appreciate it when it was gone,” is the opening line that Mike Robbins gave in his Ted Talk: The power of appreciation. In this TED Talk, Mike Robbins, a former professional baseball player, discusses the power of … Read More

Adverse Childhood Experiences

I recently watched an intriguing TED talk from Nadine Burke Harris. In this talk, Dr. Harris discussed finding the root cause of children who develop different physical and emotional disorders. She explained that, during this research, she found that adverse effects of exposure to different experiences in childhood directly impact … Read More

Exploring Attachment While Valentine’s Day is Approaching

The air is chilly, and February 14th is coming quickly. Valentine’s Day!! To many, this means making dinner reservations, getting chocolates, flowers, or planning to spend time with their significant other. To others, it is a day that reminds them of their singleness. Given our personal attachment styles and our … Read More

Coping with Rejection

Rejection…when I think of this word, it makes me think of the difficult times I have experienced rejection. It is not one of my favorite topics to think about. However, rejection is part of life that we all experience. As human beings, we have to experience rejection in some kind … Read More

Ending the Year Well

During the holiday season, our focus tends to be on our to-do list. We think about what we should be doing, or what is expected of us. Many times, this causes fatigue, financial strain, and stress. However, how many of us have paused and thought about what we need to … Read More