How Does a Nutritionist Work with Counseling?

Do you find yourself rushed and reaching for the nearest and quickest food to feed yourself and your family?  We all balance many things during the week, and sometimes our nutrition gets put on the back burner. Food provides essential nutrients that contribute to our overall physical health, brain functioning, … Read More

Valentine’s Day Blues

Love is in the air! When you walk down the street, you see couples everywhere. Everyone seems to be lucky in love. You may begin to feel like you will be alone forever. It can be easy to sink into despair when you begin to associate your level of happiness … Read More

Resolutions: Can They Stick?

According to Forbes, over 50 percent of Americans make resolutions for New Years. However, the research shows that approximately 8 percent of American actually achieve these goals. Here are several helpful suggestions that will support success in achieving these goals. It’s a process. It was a process for you to … Read More

Eating During the Holidays

When I think about the holidays, I immediately envision family and food. While some may look forward to spending time surrounded by family and feasting, others can dread this time of year.  The holidays can be a trigger time for those suffering from an eating disorder. In fact, in January, … Read More

No Ordinary Connection


I can still remember my mother saying the words, “Think of a way to stand out,” while I was writing my college essays. Most of us think that we need to stand out to be recognized. Academics, coaches, music teachers, etc… all teach us the art of perfection. I recently … Read More

Increasing Intimacy: Physical Touch


Physical touch is a language that most people around the world use and understand. Many people use it to convey emotion like affection, love, lust, anger, fear, and a number of other emotions.  In many strong relationships, couples remember the little things that are important to their significant other. Physical … Read More

Living Whole-Heartedly Through Pain

Most of us have an immediate aversion to physical pain as well as emotional pain. We create all sorts of ways to avoid it. We turn to drugs or alcohol, we emotionally numb ourselves in order to not feel it. However, what if going through that pain leads to greater … Read More

Rape and Reconciliation: Part 2


In part 1 of this blog, we began to discuss Thordis and Tom’s journey through rape and reconciliation. Thordis’s era of shame was over, and she acknowledged that despite Tom’s actions or response, she deserved peace. It took Tom digging deep within himself to overcome his fear and denial to … Read More

Rape and Reconciliation: Part 1


Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger presented at a Ted conference together and had a heartfelt and courageous narrative of their journey to reconciliation around rape.  This journey began when they were 16 and 18 years old, with a high school romance and changed after one horrific evening. After one much … Read More

The Positive Impacts of Having a Pet


As I open the door to my house, I hear several paws scampering down the stairs. Two beagles run towards me smiling from ear to ear as they launch their wagging bodies onto me. I am met with this level of excitement every single day. This is by far one … Read More