Parenting: Creating a Happy Home – Part 1

I recently read a blog about building a home that children want to come back to. Parents walk a tight rope when it comes to parenting. Some parents hover over their children in order to protect them from perceived harsh realties of this world. Other parents believe that it is … Read More

Demands of the Second Shift [On Women] – Part 2

What makes us as women want to be Superwoman? As a sophomore in college, I remember reading Arlie Hochschild’s book The Second Shift. In this book, she explained a phenomenon called “the stalled revolution.” The women’s rights movement was able to get women out of the house and into gainful … Read More

Demands of the Second Shift [on Women] – Part 1

In an article in Psychology Today, White Collar men are reported to have a higher level of happiness than women. The publication also indicated that men are more likely to relax during the day and take specific time to take a break. As a woman, what makes it so hard … Read More

Caring for Someone with Addiction

“I promise this is the last time I will use… (fill in drug of choice)”. If you are in a relationship with someone who is struggling with addiction, you have most likely heard those words. You probably have believed those words time and time again, only to be hurt and … Read More

The Bullying Phenomenon: The Bystander (Part 3)

In the final blog, we will explore the role of the bystander. Growing up in a society where bullying is extremely prevalent, if your child is lucky enough to avoid being bullied (or being a bully), chances are that he or she has witnessed bullying. Bullying is fostered when the … Read More

The College Experience – Practicing Self-Care

Experience is a great teacher. We learn though successes, we learn through mistakes, and we even learn from the internet. This summer, we are helping our students learn before their college experience. We have pulled together our experience in working with some of the brightest students, experience from working on … Read More

The Bullying Phenomenon: The Bullied (Part 2)

In this second part of this blog, we will explore the bullying from the bullied perspective. In the book The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander, Barbara Coloroso revealed that 86 percent of children have self-reported that they are bullied at school. This is an enormous percentage!! Bullying instills fear … Read More

The Bullying Phenomenon: The Bully (Part 1)

Bullying is a common behavioral issue that runs rampant among many adolescents. Most adolescents have likely experienced bullying or have been a bystander of the bullying phenomenon. According to the book The Bully, The Bullied, and the Bystander by Barbara Coloroso, there are three primary roles in this phenomenon, which … Read More