Your Brain on Trauma

Typically, when things are going as they should, our brain processes things a certain way: We observe something that is happening, receive any input or context about the situation, interpret what is happening based on the information we have, process, evaluate our options, plan, and act. For the most part, … Read More

Values: What Direction Do You Want to Be Headed?

“Back to back meetings from 8-10, deadline for work on Friday, did I sign the field trip permission slip—wait—I think I’m chaperoning that field trip, dinner with the neighbors on Wednesday, hundreds of unanswered emails, pick up kids from soccer at 6, when was the last time I got my … Read More

Making Choices in Seasons of Change

Change can be exhilarating, fun, nerve-wrecking, and often times, just plain scary. A scary thing about change, is that it asks us to step into the unknown. Even if we know where we’re moving, or who we’re going to be in a relationship with, or have some of the blanks … Read More

Choosing Gratitude

Many of us make multiple surface level apologies everyday, often without even noticing. We say sorry for being late, for talking too much, for needing a moment of someone’s time, for asking a question. While there is significant value in an intentional apology when we have wronged someone, these passing … Read More

When Did You Decide You Weren’t an Artist?

Art has the power to change things. The process of making something physical gives us space to gain a fresh perspective on things we thought we knew like the back of our hands. We are visual people— from planning what we are going to wear the next day in our … Read More

Getting to Know the Enneagram

Enneagram Types

Over the course of the past year or so, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been in conversations, or scrolling on social media, and heard someone mention the Enneagram. The Ennea-what? This long-standing tool has re-gained momentum and popularity within the past couple of years. So, with all the hype—what … Read More

No Regrets

“No regrets.” This phrase gets tossed around freely, both seriously and jokingly. The reality is, we’re all human, and will probably reach the end of our lives having felt regret at least a handful of times. We do, however, have some choice in the type of regret we feel, and … Read More

“It Wasn’t That Bad”: the Cost of Comparing Pain

“I didn’t have it as bad as other people.” This is a phrase I hear frequently in my office, from people with all kinds of backgrounds and stories. People who have experienced neglect or abuse over the course of their entire lives, individuals who have high pressure jobs such as … Read More

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Instant gratification is common in our society today. We can have our shopping delivered right to our door the same day we ordered it; we can watch tv shows instantly and without commercials, and we have emails and notifications delivered to our watches so we can have the responses instantaneously. … Read More

30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Self-care is not just bubble baths, manicures, and days that turn into weeks of “treat yourself”. While those things may feel good, and treating yourself is fun and even healthy in times of celebration, viewing these indulgences as the main sources of our self-care may not actually be what true … Read More