Finding a Sense of Awe

Research shows that feeling awe regularly promotes well being and health, enduring personal change, and fosters social connectedness, humility, and a more balanced view of self.

Thermostats, Thermometers and the Window of Tolerance

In life, we have moments when we are either the thermometer or the thermostat, reacting to our surroundings or setting our temperature and responding how we’d like to. What this generally depends on is our window of tolerance.

Does time heal all wounds?

The good thing is that trauma can be healed—the remedy just isn’t time. In order to truly heal, we need to retrain the nervous system so our bodies can begin to release the stored trauma.

Covid-19 Resources

Times feel uncertain. During uncertainty, our actions need to be intentional. Thriving in this season is possible by implementing a few daily, simple self-care strategies. Our team at GROW Counseling has developed some resources designed to help you thrive during this difficult time. These tools will help you stay grounded … Read More

Your Brain on Trauma

Typically, when things are going as they should, our brain processes things a certain way: We observe something that is happening, receive any input or context about the situation, interpret what is happening based on the information we have, process, evaluate our options, plan, and act. For the most part, … Read More

Values: What Direction Do You Want to Be Headed?

“Back to back meetings from 8-10, deadline for work on Friday, did I sign the field trip permission slip—wait—I think I’m chaperoning that field trip, dinner with the neighbors on Wednesday, hundreds of unanswered emails, pick up kids from soccer at 6, when was the last time I got my … Read More

Making Choices in Seasons of Change

Change can be exhilarating, fun, nerve-wrecking, and often times, just plain scary. A scary thing about change, is that it asks us to step into the unknown. Even if we know where we’re moving, or who we’re going to be in a relationship with, or have some of the blanks … Read More

Choosing Gratitude

Many of us make multiple surface level apologies everyday, often without even noticing. We say sorry for being late, for talking too much, for needing a moment of someone’s time, for asking a question. While there is significant value in an intentional apology when we have wronged someone, these passing … Read More