Back to the Present

It is often helpful to plan for the future, or pre-decide how we would like to handle certain situations. But sometimes when we are thinking about the future, we can get a case of the “what ifs.” This can often lead us down a spiraling road to panic, fear, and … Read More

When Your Loved One Struggles with an Eating Disorder

If you have a family member or loved one struggling with an eating disorder, you may be wrestling with feeling frustrated and helpless. Eating disorders can have an impact on the whole family. It is common to struggle with this new reality and to question what your role is in … Read More

The Power of Words

We enjoy the amazing freedom to say what we please in this country. We can voice our thoughts and opinions without much fear of repercussion. And, because of social media, we have so many platforms where we can put forth our thoughts and opinions. However, just because we can say … Read More

Rise in Teen Anxiety and Depression

Teens today face a greater risk of struggling from mental health issues than in the past. Rates of teen anxiety and depression are at an all-time high. While there are many teens struggling with mental health concerns, sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate what is a mental health issue … Read More

What Every Parent Should Know About Cyberbullying

Despite anti-bullying messages, bullying seems to be on the rise, especially with the prevalence of social media. In the past, if a kid was experiencing bullying at school, they could at least feel safe at home. But if a teen is being bullied through social media, they cannot escape it just … Read More

Understanding Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder (BED) is different from other eating disorders. It involves recurrent binge eating without the use of other behaviors such as purging, excessive exercise, or laxative use. It is important to understand that binge eating is different from simply overeating. Binge eating episodes occur more frequently and typically … Read More

Finding Meaning in Everyday Life

We are wired to search for meaning or purpose in life. We chase after it in our goals, careers, families, etc. But sometimes it is difficult to find purpose in everyday life. Even when we have achieved major goals, we are still discontent with where we are in life. Purpose … Read More

Putting an End to Victim Blaming


Victim blaming is a practice that is harming not just victims but our society as a whole. Part of the problem is that many people do this automatically, and it has become so prevalent. In order for this to change, we are going to have to be intentional about helping … Read More

Grief: Support After Suicide


If a family member or friend commits suicide, it is nothing short of devastation, full of grief. The first thing you need to know is that it is not your fault.  There may be a lot of “what ifs” and “if only’s” going through your mind, but this is not … Read More

Relationship Navigation for Parents and Adult Children


When kids become adults, the dynamic between the parent and child relationship changes. You will be dealing with different issues than when your children were younger and living under the same roof. For example, it can be difficult to figure out when to give advice and when to stay quiet. … Read More