Facing the Reality of Grief and Suicide Loss

If you’re a fan of college football, you may be familiar with the stories College GameDay highlight on their program Saturday mornings, before kickoff. Recently, they shared the story of Max Maisel and Washington State football star, Tyler Hilinski. This story highlights the reality of grief and loss by suicide, … Read More

Pleasurable Activities: But What if I Don’t Want to?

Depression can be characterized by low motivation, lack of interest, fatigue, and negative thoughts. Those feelings, along with negative self-talk, can lead us to engage less, stay home more, and sleep longer. Sometimes, when we feel depressed, the last thing we have motivation for is an activity. It can be … Read More

SPA BEAR Part Two: Preventing a Meltdown

If you missed part one of this short series, head over to our archives to catch up on the discussion of this acronym from this podcast. The acronym SPA BEAR provides principles to live by that encourage self-care and feeling content through the busyness of life. Sometimes we have moments … Read More

SPA BEAR Part One: Practices to Improve Self-Care

In our society, there is a belief that we have to be busy to be productive, and if you aren’t doing anything, you are lazy. Living a busy lifestyle can increase our stress and decrease happiness. The acronym SPA BEAR provides principles to live by that encourage slowing down and … Read More

You Are What You Eat

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat,” and for years we’ve known that this is true of our physical health. But how often have you really thought about how the food you eat can impact your mental health? With the rise of the Nutritional Psychiatry field, research … Read More

Rehabilitation Counseling Explained – Part One

Looking for a mental health professional can seem overwhelming. You may have a picture and a brief bio, but often a name, followed by a bunch of mysterious letters, represents most of the available information. Understanding the letters behind a counselor’s name, acronyms denoting certifications and licensure type, can provide … Read More