The Healing Power of Volunteer Work

Many of us strive to help ourselves in our everyday lives by exercising, eating a healthy diet of food, meditating, and so much more. While these common coping skills are amazing and should be pursued, there are other ways to help yourself while helping others and that is through volunteer … Read More

Honoring the LGBTQ+ Community’s Promotion of Mental Health Awareness

In honor of the Atlanta Pride Parade, today’s article will focus on celebrating and honoring the continued growth of the LGBTQ+ community’s promotion and awareness of mental health education. Due to the staggering statistics surrounding suicide rates among LGBTQ+ identified teenagers, there have been wonderful organizations that have risen from … Read More

The Power of Being Comfortable with Fear

A common topic mentioned in my sessions with clients is fear. Fear of saying something to a loved one who hurt them, fear of failure, fear of retaliation if you were to voice an injustice you noticed or fear of judgment. Fear has an odd power over us if we … Read More

Understanding Masculinity and Emotions – Part One

In today’s blog, we are discussing how American society interprets emotions and masculinity together, and we’ll be providing some tools that can help you explore it more on your own as well. As part one in this series, it is important to begin by distinguishing the difference between masculinity and … Read More


Do you regularly feel stressed and overwhelmed? Do you have a hard time living in the moment? Do you notice yourself going through life on auto-pilot? If so, it might be very helpful for you to learn more about mindfulness. Mindful defines mindfulness as “the basic human ability to be … Read More

Benefits of Psychological Testing

Have you ever wanted to know a bit more information about your personality, IQ, or just why you have certain habits? Testing can be used for a plethora of reasons. Some people seek it for career guidance, interest in knowing what one’s IQ is, placement in certain classes at school, … Read More

Tips for Better Sleep

Have you ever considered how much your environment affects the quality of sleep that you receive each night? Have you ever tried to study into the early hours of the morning, without being able to retain the information you’ve risked sleep over? Or, do your thoughts keep you awake at … Read More

Minority Stress

Have you ever thought about how your environment affects your mental health as a racial, ethnic, sexual, or gender minority? In this blog we discuss how anxiety can impact people of minority status due to their environment. Anxiety is defined as a sense of temporary worrying or fear (National Institute … Read More

What Stage of Change Are You In?

Have you ever felt like you’re ready to start thinking about change- whether it be a habit, a relationship, or even your hair- but you’re not exactly ready to take the steps to make the change? Don’t be too hard on yourself. This could be due to the fact that … Read More