Tips for Managing Fear – Part 2

A good way to manage fear responses is to maintain regular, consistent self-care practices when we are not in fearful situations.

Enneagram – Part 2: How Do I Know What Type I Am?

When trying to determine your Enneagram type, most Enneagram coaches suggest reading each type, rather than testing, to note and begin self-identifying the different characteristics, motivations, core fears, and common responses.

Enneagram – Part 1: What is it?

We’ll continue through this series in the weeks ahead to explore each type and ways that the Enneagram can benefit your work in the counseling room.

Finding Your SHAPE

During this quarantine, I decided to pick up a couple of books that I have added to my shelf in the past year or so; books you see repeatedly as a reminder that it’s one you really want to read. One of those books was JP Pokluda’s Welcome to Adulting.   … Read More

Is it possible to build resiliency?

If you are human, you—like all of us—experience different stressors. I wish that we didn’t, but we do. One concept is especially helpful to consider when we think about how we each handle the stressors. It comes from an article that I recently saw by John Townsend, who you might … Read More

Covid-19 Resources

Times feel uncertain. During uncertainty, our actions need to be intentional. Thriving in this season is possible by implementing a few daily, simple self-care strategies. Our team at GROW Counseling has developed some resources designed to help you thrive during this difficult time. These tools will help you stay grounded … Read More

Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise

We’ve all been told over the years that exercise has so many benefits for our mind, body, and soul. Researcher Wendy Suzuki is a neuroscientist who began investigating the correlation between exercise and the brain after she recognized in her own life what the impact of a more sedentary life … Read More

End of a Decade—Bringing on 2020!

Earlier this month, I attended a workshop where the leader reminded us that we will soon be closing out a decade and entering a whole new time period. He asked us to share some of the biggest things that stood out from the last 10 years, and then encouraged us … Read More

Healthy Relationships with Dating Apps

Healthy Relationships with Dating Apps

Can true love be found through online dating?  Yes No Maybe  All of the above—This is the answer   For some, online dating and dating apps will be a part of your love story (it’s part of mine). For others, this dating world may be full of cringe-worthy stories (I have … Read More

What is Burnout? Part 1

“Burnout has been described as the biggest occupational hazard of the twenty-first century,” writes Paula Davis-Laack. Merriam-Webster defines burnout as “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.” Burnout could be related specifically to work, or the combination of work and … Read More