Ease the Back to School Butterflies


As summer comes to an end, you may notice your kids asking more questions about going back to school. The start of a new school year may also bring on a case of butterflies about all the upcoming changes. Kids may feel worried about having a new teacher, finding friends … Read More

Are You Teaching Your Kids Responsibility?

As a parent, you set out to teach your kids so many important life lessons. You guide them to important moral values of right and wrong. You teach them to be respectful to others. You help them learn how to be empathetic to others’ feelings. You also want them to … Read More

Wedding Bliss, Not Stress

When you get engaged, it is supposed to be the happiest time of your life! You’ve found your soulmate and are one step closer to martial bliss. However it can be easy to quickly shift from the engagement glow to the frustrations and stresses of wedding planning. Zola, a popular … Read More

Setting Healthy Screen Time Limits

One of the biggest struggles parents face now is how to set healthy limits around their kid’s screen time. In the past you used to just have to monitor how much your kids watched TV. Now smartphones and other hand held devices make the screen time possibilities practically limitless. It … Read More

How to Procrastinate Well

All of us are guilty of procrastinating at some point in our lives. Procrastination only becomes a problem when we allow ourselves to get too far behind in our work, without a plan on how to catch up. Dr. Josh Klapow, a psychologist and radio host of “The Web” has … Read More

Turning Sibling Rivalry into Sibling Harmony


When it comes to your kids getting along, sometimes you can end up feeling less like a parent and more like a referee. Sibling rivalry is something that most families experience to some degree. Whether it’s a simple squabble over a toy or a full-blown fight with lots of yelling, … Read More

Does Divorce Change the Holidays?

Divorce never feels like a simple process, but around the holidays, it can feel even more complicated. After all, the holidays can feel overwhelming- even without any major changes in the family dynamics! The shift in holiday routines and traditions can be difficult to navigate, especially in a family with … Read More

Movies Are Now Fun For All!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer growing up was to go to the movie theater. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat, and enjoy time with family and friends. However, going to the movies can be a really overwhelming experience for people who are on … Read More

Ways to Raise a Confident Child

Create Confident Children

If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise a confident child. The first step in this process begins with understanding the concept of a “sense of self.” Defining “Sense of Self” Around the age of two, kids began to develop their own sense of self and they … Read More