Taking a Closer Look at Your Thoughts

In times of uncertainty and stress, we can easily get caught up in a cycle of negative thoughts. While negative thoughts are part of being human, the unfortunate consequence is that our attention will remain fixed on the negative until we make an intentional effort to adjust our thinking.

Covid-19 Resources

Times feel uncertain. During uncertainty, our actions need to be intentional. Thriving in this season is possible by implementing a few daily, simple self-care strategies. Our team at GROW Counseling has developed some resources designed to help you thrive during this difficult time. These tools will help you stay grounded … Read More

Embracing Empathy: Enhancing Children’s Capacity to Care About Others

 Simply put, empathy is understanding what others are thinking and feeling. At home, on the playground, and eventually in the workplace, we want our children to have the ability to tune into people’s emotions. Leading researcher Dr. Brené Brown says that empathy fuels connection. When children are empathetic, they show … Read More

Managing Sibling Conflict

As a parent of two children, I know how challenging it can be when your children are in conflict. All interpersonal relationships experience conflict and every parent knows that it’s especially true between siblings. It is normal for children to struggle with one another, compete, antagonize one another, and have … Read More

Parenting Book Round-Up

In working with families, I often get asked for book recommendations by parents that can further support the work being done in session with their child. Here are some of my most common suggested resources for navigating discipline, child development, parent-child relationship, and strategies for managing challenging behaviors.  1. The … Read More

Emotional Intelligence: Teaching Kids About Their Emotions

Behavior such as tantrums, aggression, and meltdowns can often (but not always) be a sign of a child’s inability to express their emotions. Often times, challenging or problematic behavior can be linked to a child’s inability to identify their feelings and respond in appropriate ways. It is never too early … Read More

Cultivating Gratefulness

When our days become too busy and we allow ourselves to get caught up in the distractions that surround us, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. When we lose sight of what truly matters, we end up with feelings of unhappiness, confusion, emptiness. Inevitably, this suffering impacts … Read More