Helping Your Children After a Divorce


Divorce introduces a tremendous change in the life of a child. For most children, divorce will be the first major crisis of their lives. It turns a child’s life upside down. How, and to what extent this happens, varies among different families. Young children may not be old enough to fully … Read More

School and Mental Health: When Parents need to Take Charge


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five school children in the United States suffers in their mental health: anxiety, difficulty focusing and social challenges. As NPR has been reporting in their Mental Health in School series, many schools don’t have the resources to meet their … Read More

Preparing Emotionally for Moving Long-Distance


While moving to a new home, city or country can be exciting, it can also bring on a whirlwind of feelings. Accepting the changes that come from uprooting your entire life can be overwhelming. It’s not unusual to experience sadness, uncertainty, fear, hopefulness, happiness, and frustration when moving long-distance. So how do … Read More

Suicide Myths That Every Educator And Parent Should Know


Suicide in America is not age-specific. Sadly, teen suicide has become an American epidemic though. Adults are no longer the only ones that experience mental health issues, millions of children in our country struggle with mental illness. One of the biggest challenges that face schools, parents, and medical professionals in … Read More

The Perfectionist Child


A little perfectionist likes order, rules, and thrives on certainty. Perfectionism can start at an early age and when parents or caregivers give these children the support they need, they will thrive. However, it can be challenging to teach young children how to to deal with the inevitable reality that … Read More

How to Parent with the Magic 5:1 Ratio


If you’re a parent, these lines are all too familiar. “Hurry and eat your breakfast, or you’ll be late for school. Stop teasing your sister. Do your homework. Clean your room. I’m taking away that NERF gun if you hit you brother one more time. Are you listening to me?!” … Read More

Our Schools & The Mental Health Crisis

Our schools are experiencing a mental health crisis. In any given year, up to one in five kids living in the U.S. shows signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder. What can we do to identify these students within our schools and connect them to the resources they need? In … Read More