Break Your Silence on Mental Health

Confronting Mental Illness

Mental health issues continue to be stigmatized and silenced among many communities. Because of this, many individuals suffer in silence and don’t get the necessary treatment to manage their disorder. In a riveting discussion on The Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kid Cudi break their silence about mental … Read More

How to Heal Past Hurts in Your Relationship

Have you ever experienced a hurt, betrayal or major disappointment by your partner? Do you still feel the hurt although the incident may have happened months or years ago? If so, you may have experienced an attachment injury to the bond that you and your partner share. When this happens, … Read More

Improve Your Sexual Intimacy By Hugging

Many loving couples have sex that has become routinely expressed by rigid transactions, propelled by anxieties that reflect the dynamics of their relationship. For example, if one partner typically withdraws to cope with emotional distress, they will exhibit those similar withdrawing behaviors in regard to sexual intimacy. Most partners are … Read More

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence as a psychological theory was originally developed by Peter Salovey and John Mayer. They described it as “the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional … Read More

How Will Infidelity Affect Our Relationship? – Part One

“How will infidelity affect our relationship?” This is probably the second most common question I get asked by couples as a Marriage Therapist, right behind, “How long will it take to get better?” My responses may vary greatly, depending on each couple’s unique circumstances. Infidelity is often complex, and the … Read More

Why is My Relationship Off to a Rocky Start?

I see countless young couples in my office, who describe early dating experiences as “rocky,” and continue to explain how these brief moments still persist. They have professed their deep love and commitment to one another, despite the length of time they have known each other. They feel bonded, but … Read More

The Players Trust

What better time for players to get the benefits they’ve already earned through The Trust than right now? I recently sat down with Hannibal Navies, Director of Engagement and Outreach at The Trust, who spent nine seasons as a player in the National Football League. The Trust (powered by the … Read More

Date Smarter: Three Ways to Identify a Jerk

Wouldn’t it be easier to date smarter if all jerks (men and women included) had to wear a “scarlet letter J” on their chest? I chuckle as I say this to myself, as if that would take the fear completely out of dating. However, it would be a start to … Read More

Domestic Violence Exposure and the Impact on Children- Part 1

Children are resilient, right? Many times, parents, caregivers, and even professionals can promote protective factors of resiliency within our children. Although resiliency is a trait not to be undermined, domestic violence is a traumatic event that has harmful, lasting impacts on children. There are a number of ways domestic violence … Read More

Four Questions You Should Answer Before Leaving Your Marriage

Making a decision to leave your marriage is probably the most painful and difficult time in one’s life. Question after question can consume your thoughts before you leave your marriage: Will I be ok? Will my children be ok?  What will others think? Much of the time, each partner is … Read More