A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Naming a feeling is a very helpful tool in the counseling world. A simple question around the picture can put words and clarity to abstract attitudes and emotions one might be experiencing in these uncertain times.

Covid-19 Resources

Times feel uncertain. During uncertainty, our actions need to be intentional. Thriving in this season is possible by implementing a few daily, simple self-care strategies. Our team at GROW Counseling has developed some resources designed to help you thrive during this difficult time. These tools will help you stay grounded … Read More

Note to Self: Let’s Get Real- Part Two

If you are human, you have experienced some degree of struggle between your real self and ideal self. We learned from our first blog in this series that focusing solely on the ideal self can diminish our true selves and promote undo unhappiness. How we deal with this internal conflict … Read More

Changing Our Mind, A Matter of Choice

I was recently at a conference, and one of the main takeaways was that changing our minds can significantly improve functioning of our brains and our lives.  Scientist and presenter, Cathy Snapp, Ph.D., made a provoking statement, “Our genes are being bathed by our choices.” She went on to say … Read More

Mending Moods Through Meditation

Practice doesn’t always make perfect. Repetitive thinking patterns can produce well-being, or negative outcomes. Dr. Donald Hebb, pioneer of neuroplasticity, is renowned for coining the phrase, “Neurons that fire together wire together.” Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself, states that thoughts change brain structure. So, what … Read More

Note to Self: Let’s Get Real- Part One

At times, everyone struggles with what is and what could be. Perhaps one of the hardest arenas for this tension is in our inner world, our image of self. While having ideal desires is human, it can promote a battle between our “ideal” and our “real” selves. Without guardrails, the … Read More

Relationship Review- Part Two

This is part two of this series on Relationship Review. Click here for part one! The abundance of smart phones, and other media devices, has redefined our human interactions. Sadly, many users have become more comfortable with on-screen communication than a personal phone call or a face-to-face conversation. Technology has … Read More

Relationship Review – Part One

People are wired for relationship. Most of us know this experientially, but science confirms this too. Alfred Adler, renowned philosopher and psychiatrist, believed that we all have one basic desire and goal: to belong and to feel significant. It is often in our social arenas that we find our greatest … Read More