Therapy for Children: Connecting Through Play


Many parents are skeptical about the therapeutic benefit of therapy for children.  A common question we are asked at GROW is, “Can my child really participate in therapy?” “Will they know how to express themselves?” The answer to both of those questions is an absolute yes.

Play therapy is a research based model that allows a child to communicate, express feelings or experiences, and develop problem-solving skills.

While we don’t expect children to thoughtfully answer a series of questions and engage in an insightful in-depth conversation, we know that they can participate and express themselves through play.

Within the therapeutic context, the play therapist supports and occasionally guides the child in resolving problems, which differ from regular play, in which a counseling professional is not present to assess and understand children’s play.

If you are interested in learning more about play therapy and how a GROW therapist can assist your child through the process, please contact us.

Written By: Michelle Rathburn, LAMFT