The College Experience – Reducing Stress

Experience is a great teacher. We learn though successes, we learn through mistakes, and we even learn from the internet. This summer, we are helping our students learn before their college experience. We have pulled together our experience in working with some of the brightest students, experience from working on college campuses in counseling, student life, disability services, and collegiate teaching to help equip our students as they take on this next phase of their student careers. We have chosen eight, essential topics to having a successful college experience in and out of the classroom.

Today, our topic is Reducing Stress.

In week 6 of the 8 week course, we will discuss quick and fun ways to reduce stress for high school and college students.

It is so easy to get caught up in the routine of our daily to-do lists. I myself am certainly guilty of packing my day so full to get everything done that I sometimes barely have a moment to sit down and eat! People of all ages feel the effects of a hectic lifestyle.

The demands on high school and college students have increased as well.

It can be extremely difficult to balance grades, sports, clubs, volunteering, time with family, and social life. Add in the pressures of thinking about and applying to and attending college and you have a full plate! Learning how to manage the stress that comes from a busy schedule is an important life skill for teens and young adults to learn.

Here are some quick and fun ways for teens to reduce stress:

  • Do homework or other school obligations outside. Being in nice weather makes everything feel better!
  • Take break. Just a one-minute break can make a world of difference.
  • Go to sleep. Staying up late doesn’t help as much as you think. If you aren’t getting enough sleep each night, you are not going to be as effective the next day.
  • Light a candle.
  • Eat a special meal. And do not do work or look at electronics while eating.
  • Say no and find ways to minimize the items on your checklist.
  • Watch your caffeine intake. Too much caffeine can increase the feeling of being stressed and can negatively impact sleep.
  • Do something nice for another person.
  • Do something you want to do. Listen to your body and take time to do the things that make you happy.
  • Find the things that motivate you to keep working and what you feel passionate about. Do more of them and your schedule won’t feel so tight.
  • Detach from social media and electronics. Just for a night.
  • Do something creative.
  • Ask for help. You cannot manage everything on your own.

We are looking forward to helping you make the most of your time as you head off to college! For more information or to register for The College Experience, click here!

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