The College Experience – Time Management

Experience is a great teacher. We learn though successes, we learn through mistakes, and we even learn from the internet. This summer, we are helping our students learn before their college experience. We have pulled together our experience in working with some of the brightest students, experience from working on college campuses in counseling, student life, disability services, and collegiate teaching to help equip our students as they take on this next phase of their student careers. We have chosen eight, essential topics to having a successful college experience in and out of the classroom.

Today, our topic is time management!

One common struggle for new college students is learning how to manage their time. For many students, parents are no longer around to remind them to finish their homework. In addition, most college professors are not going to track you down to turn in late assignments – if they even accept them at all. Throw in a hectic fraternity or sorority schedule and the occasional dorm meeting – and all of a sudden the “freedom” of the college experience can get pretty daunting pretty quick.

In week 1 of the 8 week course, we will discuss time management, how to keep a calendar and how to manage a to-do list. We will also talk about the importance of things like setting aside time to unwind and relax, as well as how calendars and to-do lists can actually help minimize feelings of depression or anxiety.

We are looking forward to helping you make the most of your time as you head off to college!  For more information or to register for The College Experience, click here!

Eric McClerren, MA, CIT
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