Compassion – Part 2

Compassion is about being able to get outside of oneself and feel for someone else. There are also some great benefits that are side effects from being able to have compassion for another person.

Research has indicated that an individual who is able to practice a more compassionate lifestyle is able to manage stress better.

Stress is linked to higher mortality rates. Therefore, having compassion not only reduces stress, but it also may help you live longer!

There is a key distinction between living a life of happiness because you are living a life of pleasure and living a life of happiness because you are living a life of purpose.

Some of the benefits of compassion are:

  1. It makes us happier;
  2. It makes us attractive- kindness is one of the top qualities that men and women both find attractive;
  3. Compassion is uplifting for those around us;
  4. It is a chain reaction- compassion can stem from a desire to help someone who is suffering, but it can spur us to think bigger and make changes that impact numerous people;
  5. It can help lower anxiety and depression.

Having the ability to see the world from a compassionate perspective will allow for life to have different meaning.

Experiencing and giving true compassion will positively affect the deepness of relationships, the happiness that we experience, and the satisfaction that we have with our lives.

Chelsey Beauchamp, MS
cbeauchamp @