Consent Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Sometimes people get confused about what consent means, how to make sure consent is given, and who can give consent. The video below helps make the concept of consent simple.

Talking about consent as it relates to sex can be awkward. In this video, they talk about consent as it relates to offering someone a cup of tea.

Here are the important things to consider when getting consent:

  • Ask if the person wants to engage in sexual activity.
  • If at any point the person no longer wishes to engage in sexual activity, do not force them.
  • People who are unconscious or intoxicated are not able to let you know whether or not they want to engage in sexual activity, so do not engage in sexual activity with them.

If you still have questions about consent or would like guidance on how to talk about consent with kids, please see another blog I wrote about talking to your teens about consent!

Elizabeth Kraich