When Counseling Takes a Village

It sometimes takes a village, even in counseling. Intractable depression, chronic anxiety, and unmanageable explosive outbursts are examples of opportunities to think and treat outside of the box.

A collaboration of professionals may be just what the client needs. 

At GROW, we use the Amen Clinic’s SPECT Scan to help diagnose the root cause of intractable issues.  We believe that some clients can benefit from understanding the physicality in their emotional and/or relationship concerns.

The combination of counseling and the SPECT scan can sometimes resolve the client’s concerns more quickly and with better results than offering these interventions individually. This article explores the concept of using a bran scan to assist in making psychotherapy work fast.

Through our working relationship with the Amen Clinic, we are available to partner with you through the SPECT scan and evaluation process. Our therapists can begin that conversation with you, so reach out today if you would find that helpful in considering your next steps!

Written by: Sheri Schulze