“Don’t worry, I’ll hold your stuff…” –Cargo Shorts

I read this quote the other day and it made me pause to think about the fashion trend that landed somewhere in the early 90’s and has managed to hang around.  Perhaps the popular men’s shorts are a little more than holding one’s wallet, keys, and anything else one can carry in the extra 2 pockets.  When one goes into an uncomfortable situation, it is always nice to know that there is someone else there to be a support system to you.  Whether it is a friend who is going to stand near you and rescue you if you say something embarrassing, or a friend who is going to call you halfway through your first date to make sure you are enjoying yourself or they will make up an excuse for you to end the date early.  Who can you call on to be your “cargo shorts” in social situations that might be uncomfortable? Who can you be a friend t o that might need those extra two pockets?

Everyone needs a support system. Researchers suggest that those who have a support system have a higher quality of life (1988).  Who is the friend or family member you call when you are in need of a cup of coffee and conversation?  So, next time you are cleaning out your closet or dresser and you run across that old pair of cargo shorts, think about who you call on to be there for you when you need a little bit of support or storage for your baggage.


The Aging Population in the Twenty-First Century: Statistics for Health Policy (1988) Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education (CBASSE)

Adam Glendye, LAPC
aglendye@growcounseling .com