Eat more attentively

Resolutions like “eat healthier” seem to be pretty common. But what if we tried to eat more attentively instead?

We live in a pretty fast-paced culture. Leisurely lunch breaks are great. But sometimes “lunch” is a turkey sandwich in one hand and an iPhone in the other as we run between meetings while simultaneously answering 4 emails and 2 phone calls. As great as all this productivity is, it can sometimes take a toll on our stress levels.

By learning to avoid distracted eating as much as we avoid distracted driving, we can introduce a little bit of mindfulness into our busy days.

There might be some health benefits as well. According to this 2013 article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, by slowing down and focusing our attention on the food we’re eating as we eat it, we might actually end up eating less, without even counting calories.

Eric McClerren, LAPC

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