Self Care During Election Season


It is Election Season and it is a wonderful privilege to be able to vote and participate in deciding what our government will look like over the next four years. However, I think we can all agree that this election season has been very stressful, regardless of where you stand politically. It can be really hard to disconnect from politics and the stress as November 8th gets closer and closer.

Stress can really take a toll on us during this time of year especially as temperatures get colder. Too much stress leads to a lower immune system, decreased performance, and a lower amount of daily satisfaction.

How can we find ways to de-stress and stay healthy during election season?

  • Cut yourself off. Staying up late and reading the latest scoop can really impact your sleep schedule. Sleep is absolutely crucial for feeling your best and performing well. Try to unplug and turn off the news early so that you can get a good night’s sleep. The news will not be going anywhere so you can catch up when you feel more rested!
  • Give yourself permission to not watch the political coverage. It is so important to perform your civic duty and be a well-informed voter. However watching too much coverage can leave you feeling overwhelmed! Allow yourself time to shut off the news in favor of something more relaxing. Even if you just watch old re-runs of your favorite show!
  • Give back. This time of year is also about giving back and helping others. Do a random act of kindness or a service project for your local community. Having compassion for those around you and giving back is equally as important as participating in the upcoming election.
  • Exercise. Exercise is a great release for stress. You are going to feel better if you run, swim, lift weights, do yoga, or even just do some simple stretches in front of your TV. Get outside and enjoy this cooler weather.

Laura Lebovitz
LLebovitz @