Weathering an Emotional Storm: Healing & Moving Forward

The the term “emotional storm” metaphorically represents times of emotional crisis in your life where you need to seek shelter in safety, connection with others, love, and calmness. An “emotional storm” can arise suddenly and consist of intense fear, chaos, anger, and a sense of unknowing.

The aftermath of an emotional storm can leave you feeling confused, shattered, and physically exhausted.

During the period immediately following the crisis, your intense feelings of fear, panic, and anger begin to de-escalate. It may be difficult to resume your previous level of emotional or physical functioning due to feelings of uncertainty. You’ll start to notice certain words or situations are now triggers, reminding you of the traumatic event.

Here are some ways to begin healing and moving forward after your emotional storm:

1. Practice staying in the present.

It’s very normal for your mind to continue to take you back through what you just encountered in an attempt to make sense of it all. When your thoughts wander and negative feelings begin to take over, focus on your present environment. Remember where you are in the present and that you are safe now.

2. Practice daily self-care.

During the aftermath of an emotional storm, it’s important to nurture your mind, body, and spirit to restore calmness. Self-care options can include exercise, 5 minutes of deep breathing, proper diet, nutrition and sleep, daily affirmations, journaling your thoughts, prayer and meditation. Be kind and compassionate to yourself as you begin to move forward; it’s a process that will take time.

3. Seek therapy.

Therapy can be a very safe place to process intense feelings and emotions. A trained therapist can assist you with learning skills and coping strategies to reduce your anxiety and to heal after your emotional storm.

4. Practice gratitude.

Allow yourself to recognize what is good in your life. Take time daily to journal at least 5 things you are grateful for that day.

5. See the beauty in your life.

Open your eyes and ears to sights and sounds that lift your spirit. Take time to do things you enjoy. Cultivate new, positive, and enjoyable experiences.

Written by: GROW Staff