Three Ways to Engage Others in Conversation

Have you ever wondered how to engage your kids, your significant other, or your friends, in a meaningful conversation about their day? How do you get someone to answer more than just, “good” when asked how their day went? 

Here are 3 examples of dinner time (or anytime) conversation starters:

1. Three things that happened | Two ways you felt

Take turns going around the table, with each person listing 3 things that happened that day, followed by 2 ways they felt and why. 

2. High – Low

The shortest of these 3 examples, “High – Low” simply requires a person to share the best part of their day and their least favorite thing about their day. 

3. Celebrate – Commiserate/Comfort

Another take on “High – Low”, this conversation is a practice in being happy for someone and empathizing or offering comfort to them. Many of us can more easily be happy with someone than be sad with them, and this conversation gives the opportunity to practice sitting in the mud with a friend. Some response examples: “That’s great! I’m so happy for you!” “You’ve been working for that for a long time and it’s finally here.” “I’m sorry that happened,” “That must be tough,” “What a bummer.” 

No one can pass their turn, and questions are welcome at the end of a turn.

If you need a list of feeling words, you can check out our printable sheet of emotions with faces, or Google search a “feelings wheel.” The key is to be consistent in practicing interest in each other’s days. 

Written By: Lily Scivicque