Joy In The Mundane

I’ve found myself talking to my clients lately about finding joy in the mundane. Think about all the things that we do on a daily basis that are mundane – laundry, email, commuting, homework, brushing your teeth. It is easy to become frustrated, numb, or disconnected in the mundane. However, there are moments of joy to be found even in mundane activities.

If you so choose, you could make it a mission to detect the joy in even the most mundane of tasks.

Is there:

Joy in your environment – the sun shinning a little brighter, your favorite song on the radio, or a delicious sent in the air?

Joy in your mission – maybe the task itself remains mundane but you become more alert to the purpose or meaning of the task, is it helping someone, moving something forward, or contributing to a greater goal?

What about finding joy in the task just because you completed it well? Because it speaks of your character or purpose in the way you carried out the necessary but not glamorous?

Joy is there.

Yours to find if you look.

Detect it somewhere new today.

Written by: Dr. Wendy Dickinson