Five Small Ways to Bond with Your Partner Daily

A secure attachment bond is a critical building block of a healthy, lasting, loving relationship.  Although having strong emotional feelings of love for each other is important, it is not enough for a lasting, secure bond.

What’s even more important is the way couples respond to each other, and are there for each other within their daily interactions.

It may seem intuitive to be there for your partner for the “big” moments of life – when it’s obvious they need you most, but the daily small moments are very important too.

Here are 5 small ways to bond with your partner daily:

  1. Pay attention – Get curious and let your partner know that you “see” them and want to know what’s on their mind.  One small way to do this is by starting a simple phrase with, “I noticed…can you tell me more about that.”
  2. Be patient – We all know that typical differences can cause daily frustrations with each other. Practice patience with your partner. That lets them know that “we” are okay, despite our difference in the moments.  This can be practiced simply by not expressing frustration, and just giving yourself a timeout.
  3. Surprise – When your partner is least expecting it, bring home a small gift that acknowledges your care and love for them. Or perhaps, finish a chore that your partner hasn’t gotten to yet. Small examples of this can be flowers, a card, a favorite snack, running an errand, or drawing a bath.
  4. Express – Small sentiments of verbal and nonverbal affection can bring closeness. A small text during the day, or a simple touch on the arm as your partner passes by is a great way to do this.
  5. Eat Together – This helps create consistency and predictability in your relationship’s daily routine that says: We agree to covet this space to connect with conversation and undivided attention. Making this space a tech-free zone is critical to the bonding process.

Porsha Jones

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