Focus on the Home Team

In the South, football season is a big deal! Weekend wear during the season often includes a team jersey or at least the team colors. There is a sense of belonging in the atmosphere. We feel a strong sense of community. Overall, it just feels good.

Couples can actually learn a few valuable tricks from their home team.

According to marriage researcher, John Gottman, PhD., happy couples have a few things in common:

  • They have friendship and admiration.
  • They have each other’s back.
  • They handle conflict well.
  • They have a sense of “we-ness”.

With these characteristics, they form a pretty strong team that can handle life’s toughest challenges.

Take a moment and think about how you and your partner function well as a home team.

Here are some questions to help the two of you define who the two of you are as a team:

  • What are our team’s strengths?
  • What would be our team motto?
  • How about our team name?
  • What mascot would best represent our team?
  • What would our team logo look like?
  • What would be our team colors?

Even if you cheer for rival teams on the field, take time to celebrate what makes the two of you a strong team!

Written by: Jackie Dunagan, LAMFT