Goals for Relationships

At the start of a new year, we often create goals for ourselves. It can be helpful for every couple not only make individual resolutions but specifically relationship resolutions. Relationships so often go malnourished due to everyday stressors that life brings.

Unhealthy communication patterns, unresolved issues, or a lack of quality time in a relationship can quickly have a negative emotional impact on each individual.

Symptoms may include depression, anxiety, irritability, withdrawal, changes in weight and sleep habits. It’s important to make each other a priority to maintain a healthy, nourished relationship.

Healthy Relationship Goals:

  • Improve Communication – Communicate more effectively by listening more than you talk, discussing your issues in a respectful and kind way, and setting rules to apply during heated conflict management.
  • Give Praise and Compliments Daily– By acknowledging the big and little things that your partner does, you create multiple “love deposits” into your relationship daily.
  • Schedule tech-free zones– Taking time away from the TV, computer, and your cell phone tells your partner “you are important and deserve my undivided time and attention.” These tech-free times also allow for you and your partner to truly connect and cultivate conversations.
  • Be Accountable for Self-Care– Everyday life stressors can cause fatigue, irritability and moodiness.  It is important to “recharge your battery” with healthy activities such as exercise, consuming a proper diet, adequate rest, scheduled date nights, and asking for help when necessary to avoid negative behavioral symptoms.
  • Schedule Regular Check-Ins– Schedule weekly check-ins between you and your partner at home to discuss how each other is doing and feeling to stay connected and work out any mounting issues concerning finances, children, work, etc. You might also find it helpful to schedule professional help from a therapist to assist you and your partner with clarifying and obtaining goals for your relationship.

Written by: GROW Staff