Happy Relationships – Part 1

10 Rules to Live by for a Happy Relationships…

1. I will communicate my expectations and not take it for granted that my significant other understands what I need or want.

2. I will verify my assumptions so that I have accurate information and feedback.


3.  I will strive toward understanding my significant other’s feelings and thoughts on a matter first, without criticism, before attempting to resist and fight or even negotiate and compromise.


4.  I will focus on resolving the issues and not attempt to make my significant other or our relationship the problem.

5.  I will give myself and my significant other permission to take a “time-out” from the discussion when it’s requested or needed, as long as I give a specific time frame when we will resume problem solving.

….Stay Tuned for tips #6-#10!

*adapted from “Well Done: the Rules for Creating a Win-Win Process in Marriage” by Eric Scalise