Hiring Veterans

Humans crave connection. Humans value a sense of belonging to a group. Veterans are a group of people who “get” belonging in a way that is much deeper than the average person. Whenever a veteran walks into our office or any community organization, they are intentionally seeking out belonging and connection with others, usually other veterans. Maybe it’s trained into our military members, maybe it’s habit, or maybe it’s a craving for connection. 

Companies all over the world spend thousands of dollars each year to learn how to build cohesive teams. These companies will pay consultants, leadership coaches, business coaches, professional counselors, and “experts” in the field of business to learn how to build a stronger team and build a stronger brand. 

To our career counseling clients that own companies, we usually ask: “How many veterans do you have in your company?”

Usually, these professionals look shocked that I ask that question and then they usually answer “none.” I smile and begin to help the business owners understand their problem is able to be worked on with a few adjustments.

Here are just a few reasons to hire Veterans:

  • Veterans enjoy working in teams.
  • Veterans understand chain of command.
  • Veterans value each other.
  • Veterans will not leave someone behind (in workload or battlefield).
  • Veterans will ask questions that no one has thought to ask before and they will have creative solutions to existing problems.
  • Veterans work in groups and independently. 
  • Veterans are team builders.
  • Veterans work to make their boss look good.

Working with veterans to learn how to transfer their skills from serving in the military is also very important in our counseling work.

By helping employers and veterans learn how to maximize the potential a veteran can bring to a company, the possibilities can become much greater than an employer even desired. 

GROW Counseling has counselors who are TRICARE certified and are eligible to be providers under VA form 21-0960P-3.

Adam Glendye